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In order to issue a new ID number and place the student in the electronic student information system database, there are key fields such as student name, age, gender, grade level, birth date, residential address, phone number, pre-school experience, ethnicity, and languages that need to be entered. A written appeal needs to be filed with the receiving school’s Complex Area Superintendent within ten (10) school days of the postmarked date of denial.Thus, for new students to the HIDOE system, the enrollment form needs to be completed and submitted. The written appeal can be submitted using Request for Review of Denial for Geographic Exception Form CHP-2.The GE process does not apply to homeless students unless the request is for a student to attend a school other than the school of origin or home school. There are usually long waiting times to find permanent housing.A copy of the MV-1 form must be attached to the GE Request Form for any current or new Mc Kinney-Vento Act student who is seeking a GE. PCS, or permanent change station) to Hawaii during the summer, how will military families be able to apply for a GE beyond the usual GE application window (i.e. Until the families are provided with permanent housing, they usually reside in temporary lodging facilities (TLF).Specific procedures on how the school sends the application to the next school is at the discretion of the principal. When will the current/home school forward the submitted GE request form to the requested school?For the current school year, the forwarding school has five (5) business days to process and forward the completed GE request form to the requested school(s) from the date of receipt.

However, other students, who live outside of the service area boundary, must comply with the application, acceptance and enrollment process set up by the charter school. Do Hawaiian Language Immersion Program (HLIP) students require a GE?If a current HIDOE student is seeking a GE, then the current school will review the proof of residence on file.If a non-HIDOE student is seeking a GE, then a proof of residence document will need to be submitted along with other enrollment documents at your home school PRIOR to requesting a GE. What documents are considered as proof of residence?If the form is downloaded from the website, the receiving school makes copies and disseminates accordingly. Does it matter if it is for the current school year or next school year?Please check with the school to make sure that it is the latest version of the form. Yes, it does matter if it is for the current or next school year AND if the student is a HIDOE or a non-HIDOE student.

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See below for information as to which school to submit the GE application. When a parent submits GE applications to multiple schools, what happens when one of the desired receiving schools informs the parent of its acceptance?

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