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However, all MTI-era Ampegs were made in the relatively short time period between late 19.

The first few Heritage amps looked a bit like Hollands because that's how they knew to build things.

There should be some codes on the speaker and trannies that owuld support that.

I know it doesn't help much, but it's definitely between '70 and '84.The book contains, in addition to an in-depth history of the Ampeg company, more useful technical information on the variations in Ampeg amplifiers, including color depictions of the various cabinet coverings and grill cloths.At this time, from 1971 to 1980, Ampeg was owned by Selmer.From July 1969 to December 1983, the letter denoting the year was put after the serial number. Take a real good look inside the cab the footswitch might still be in it's holder.I just need to dig it out of the stack before I can do that.

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Feature Years Used Blue control panel graphics 1968 - 1972Black control panel graphics with square corners 1972 - 1975Black control panel graphics, horizontally split with rounded corners (solid state amps) 1973 - 1979Black control panel graphics, horizontally split with rounded corners (tube amps) 1976 - 1979Distortion control knob 1976 - 1979White rocker switches (solid state amps) 1973 - 1979White rocker switches (tube amps) 1976 - 1979Black rocker switches 1968 - 1975Metal "a" logo 1968 - 1972Plastic "a" logo 1973 - 1979--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1981 - 1984The MTI-era amplifiers cannot be dated by serial number.

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