An error occurred when validating the descriptive flexfield

Thanks buddy , you are of great help, keep up the good work.cheers Sumeru Hi Anil, When I try to copy order lines to an existing order or do mass change in the order lines I get the following error: ------------------------------------------------------- The flexfield on this field contains a flexfield bind variable with a : BLOCK. This prohibits operation in the mode that optimizes performance over a wide-area network.In case you do not know much about profile options, you must also read link basic concepts of Profile Options In case of using profile option, value in Context Reference Field of the descriptive flexfield will be the profile option[see picture below].Lets say for Responsibility-1 this profile is set to XX, and for Responsibility-2 this profile is set to YY, and for a special user this profile is set to value ZZ. Hi Anil I have a doubt regarding how to change the context using or form personalisation?However this limitation can be overcome by using fnd_api, to alter the profile option value at runtime for forms session. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with others in such detail.Effectively you can modify the context[by changing profile option value pragmatically], using formspersonalizations. Below is my issue: 'PO Distributions' DFF is used by both PO Entry/'POXPOEPO' and PO Summary/POXPOVPO (View Only) forms.Two of the PO Distribution DFF Segments have a Value Set with : Block.field reference.The value set uses the :block.field as seen in the PO Entry Form (block name is different on PO Summary Distributions Form). However, there is an error when accessing PO Distributions from the PO Summary form. I tried that but the forms are still accessing the Global Data Elements Segments. CURRENT_FORM Context Field Values Global Data Elements (original defintion) POXPOEPO (defined two segments attribute 1 and 2 with the value set with :block.field reference.) POXPOVPO (defined two segments without Value Sets since this is a view only form) What am I doing wrong and how do I make this work? Thanks, Neerja Business requirement: FND Lookup Form - Common Lookups The DFF in Lookup Values has 2 contexts, freight and ship method. DFF should show both the contexts so that user may set or unset the values for any context value.

A flexfield is an extensible set of placeholder fields associated with business objects and placed on the application pages.

You can use flexfields to extend the business objects and meet enterprise data management requirements without changing the data model or performing any database programming.

Flexfields help you to capture different data on the same database table.

Define new DFF segment in Transactions Form and make it read only to Receivables Manager responsibility.

All other responsibilities will have access to enter and edit the values and Receivables Manager will have access to only read but not edit and enter the value.

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In this case you need to take your design a step further.

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