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For each group, subjects are displayed in decreasing order of relative abundance of Bifidobacteriaceae.

The “neonates” are those subjects with specimen collection targeted for the 1-month study visit (actual age range: 0.5–4.6 months, median: 1.2 months), while the “infants” had specimens collected at the study visit targeted for 6-months (age range: 5.6–10.6 months, median: 6.6 months).The joint impact of pregnancy, environmental, and sociocultural exposures on early life gut microbiome is not yet well-characterized, especially in racially and socioeconomically diverse populations.Gut microbiota of 298 children from a Detroit-based birth cohort were profiled using 16S r RNA sequencing: 130 neonates (median age = 1.2 months) and 168 infants (median age = 6.6 months).While these studies may have examined multiple pregnancy, sociocultural, and environmental factors, none have taken a multi-factor approach to studying their joint effects on gut microbiota composition, and none have been conducted in a racially and socioeconomically diverse birth cohort.To date, the most comprehensive study associating pregnancy and environmental exposures the with early life gut microbiome was conducted by Bäckhed et al., where longitudinal samples from 98 Swedish mother-infant dyads were examined.

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