Android widgets not updating

These views are referred to as Widgets in the user interface, and you can publish one with an App Widget provider.

An application component that is able to hold other App Widgets is called an App Widget host. This document describes how to publish an App Widget using an App Widget provider.

This procedure will not destroy other user saved data.

//Constants var VERSIONS_KEY = "WIDGET_VERSIONS"; var CODE_KEY = "WIDGET_CODE"; var NO_UPDATES = "NO_UPDATES"; var SPLITTER = /\W /; //Data and functions to update var VESRION_STRING = "1.03.233"; var data = 123; function f1() //Stores code in user data. Appends current version to list of //versions already stored.

However, you must be aware that App Widget layouts are based on , which is an invisible, zero-sized View you can use to lazily inflate layout resources at runtime.

They will not be restarted until someone explicitly does so." - Dianne Hackborn, Android framework engineer.This can be a little annoying in case of widgets, because they store personal data.Due to the limitations in widget management system it is currently not possible to preserve user data when a new version is installed. These factors can contribute to difficulties in deployment and users may not be willing to update. It is possible to update widgets without a new version install.In the following text you will see how to utilize widget user preferences to store updated code and data.User preferences are stored in form of key-value string pairs.

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