Ano ang mga dating pangalan ng pilipinas

Anyone who had reputed power over the supernatural and natural was automatically elevated to a position of prominence.

Every village had its share of shamans and priests who competitively plied their talents and carried on ritual curing.

Wood and metal images represented ancestral spirits, and no distinction was made between the spirits and their physical symbol.

Reward or punishment after death was dependent upon behavior in this life.

Bathala, who created earth and man, was superior to these other gods and spirits.

Napakaraming relihiyon dito sa Pilipinas, ang nakarehistro sa gobyerno ay mahigit na isang libong samahan o relihiyon tulad ng: 1. The pre-Hispanic belief system of Filipinos consisted of a pantheon of gods, spirits, creatures, and men that guarded the streams, fields, trees, mountains, forests, and houses.

Upon this indigenous religious base two foreign religions were introduced -- Islam and Christianity -- and a process of cultural adaptation and synthesis began that is still evolving.

Spain introduced Christianity to the Philippines in 1565 with the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

Dominance over the Muslims on Mindanao and Sulu, however, was never achieved during three centuries of Spanish rule.

During American rule in the first half of this century the Muslims were never totally pacified during the so-called "Moro Wars." Since independence, particularly in the last decade, there has been resistance by large segments of the Muslim population to national integration.

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