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Plus, the Mavrix photographers were the only ones there to bring you back the pictures of the event, which somehow makes the whole thing even hotter. That said, even I don’t have anything negative to say about Audrina.

She’s perfection personified By comparison, all of the women around her look like they should be under a bridge somewhere, demanding that travelers answer riddles before crossing.

In other Britney news, Shady Mc Skeezmeister (also known as Adnan Ghalib) claims he has a two hour long sex tape featuring he and Brit Brit.

The very thought of such a thing makes me queasy, so I’m just going to quote him real quick and end the post: movies have brought in around .6 billion worldwide.

Her hair is in check, her body is bangin’ and she’s channeling her inner Tinkerbell quite nicely.

Here’s what Paris had to say about the perfume: [singlepic=1003,,,,center] Fergie is apparently favoring Obama (judging by the shirt she’s wearing), but I don’t care. Because the Steelers are in overtime with the Ravens, and in Pittsburgh that’s a huge deal.

Noel Cruz is an artist that specializes in hand-painted dolls, and apparently he takes commissions every now and then.

So, now you guys know what to get me for Christmas: a Carmen Electra signature stripper pole and a lifelike doll of myself!

Remember what a hot piece of man meat he used to be?[singlepic=1005,,,,center] Take a gander at Paris Hilton’s new perfume ad.The straps on her legs are a little, uh, superfluous, but other than that she looks fantastic.Instead, she apparently chose to go the nutritious prescription drug route.She was arrested, then released without having to post bail.

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