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It's no secret Disney stars date other Disney stars, as evidenced by Nick Jonas admitting "we were all dating each other" when talking about his House of Mouse days.But, it's always fun to see which non-Disney celebs your faves dated or are currently dating. These couples lasted as short as one date (yikes) to several years, with plenty of flings in between. Jogia starred in the TV series The film will follow the original group fighting across the White House to the heartland of the US.The zombies from the first film have evolved with new human enemies arising as they deal with the growing pains of their makeshift family.The duo was first linked when they were spotted together for lunch later attending a Halloween party.At the time there was just a hint of the relationship between the duo.It didn’t take long for the rumor to subside as Miley get back to her previous boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.Besides, Miley Avan is linked with other celebrities based on onscreen chemistry and social involvement.

Who knows Jogia could have secretly married but didn’t want to be surrounded by all the media attention.Mostly, celebrities from the LGBT community are seen as more involved helping people like them.To get away from possible rumor being gay or bisexual Avan and other founder make it clear who is the one helping as they named organization ‘Straight But Not Narrow.’In an Interview, Avan opened about the sole focus and what he wants to achieve from the organization as he said:“If you have a gay friend who is being bullied for that fact and you say nothing, your silence is as loud as their violence, is the best way to put it.After Avan’s split with girlfriend Zoey Deutch, one of the famous young couple in Hollywood, we look at the personal life of Avan Jogia as he is no longer dating or have a girlfriend to share his love with.Actor Avan Jogia has broken up with his girlfriend, Avan Jogia after five years of relationship.

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