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That’s why this is one of the most important questions to consider before you get engaged: ‘Do I like this person? “Assume that any negative qualities you’re seeing will remain negative, and be realistic about what you’re willing to live with,” she says.’ What irritates you about your guy now will really grate on you after you’re married. So consider this pre engagement advice and what’s a dealbreaker and what’s not before your boyfriend becomes your husband, or your girlfriend becomes your wife.This means you enjoy a full life with friends, family, a career and social life that fulfill you.You’re confident, and you don’t expect marriage to instantly fix your problems.You can get real about your worries, dreams, frustrations and mess-ups without fear of being judged. In marriage, living as a 24/7 partnership, there’s no way you can keep your guard up all the time.

Add on adjusting to a married life, and really respecting and adoring someone becomes that much more important. Don’t kid yourself into thinking he or she will change once you’re hitched — that’s a blueprint for disappointment, says sex therapist Lisa Paz.In many cases, it also means forsaking contact with exes and anyone else who may threaten your union.If the idea of monogamy makes you feel secure and confident in your relationship, getting engaged is a comfortable next step for you.When you first started your long dating search, finding someone to share your life with probably sounded like a long shot.Especially after so many terrible dates that left you feeling hopeless, the idea of getting engaged felt more like a pipedream than a reality.

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