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Show Tunes Sundays are always a gay old time as all the TVs display carefully selected music videos and excerpts from Broadway classics.Between singing-alongs and answering trivia questions about each clip, the night gets pretty entertaining.Just a stroll down the block from PLAY on Church Street is Canvas, Nashville’s newest addition to its queer bar scene.This hip lounge draws a similar crowd to Tribe, but, to use a mullet metaphor I just came up with, Tribe is the businesslike front and Canvas is the party in the back.Great for dinner and cocktails after work or as a precursor to karaoke and dancing on the weekend, you won’t find this swanky joint hoppin’ much past 9pm on weeknights.

The staff is super friendly and are primarily lesbians or girls that look like lesbians.Local artwork and modern decorations adorn the walls and are changed monthly.Novelty cocktails are served and always seem to be really strong, and relatively cheap, (especially compared to PLAY’s overpriced drink menu). Years ago, Blue Gene’s was a dark, dingy, gay karaoke bar populated mostly by service industry patrons letting off some steam.If that’s not your cup of tea, show up on Monday for karaoke, or any other night for whatever themed TV programming they throw at you.For the white-collared, older, sophisticated or lazy types, Tribe is probably your best bet.

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Mingle a little, and you’ll likely speak with ladies that have driven over an hour from small towns in Kentucky or Alabama just to be at this legendary bar.

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  2. Some of the shows then hosted by him such as “Late Night with Dave Annable”, “Cardinal Sports”, “Stay Tuned”, “Cardinal Hockey”, “On Campus Live” and “The Roommate Game”.

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