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When Bizarre ware revolutionised Newport Pottery the 'Lion' mark soon disappeared but it continued to be used at Wilkinson's for several years.After the hand-painted Bizarre mark in rust colour, the first stamped mark was the classic Hand Painted Bizarre by Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery, which wasstamped in black, in two sizes: it was used from late 1927 or early 1928.Variations included Fantasque, Crocus, Latona, Gayday, Cafe'-au-lait, and Nuage.These credited Newport Pottery and had a Bizarre mark with the range name above in block letters.However, at the same time many ranges or designs such as Latona, Appliqué and Inspiration, just had the name painted above a standard Bizarre mark.Then, from 1931 as the ranges were formalised, a finer printed backstamp appeared.For example, Muffineer sets which already had a Newport Pottery England mark under-glaze might have just Bizarre or Clarice Cliff.

The most common underglaze mark is the Biarritz one: The Biarritz Royal Staffordshire Great Britain Regd. This mark remained as the sole backstamp if the ware was decorated in Wilkinson's designs, or a further backstamp was added if it was in a Clarice Cliff design: in the example shown there is just part of the on-glaze printed Bizarre mark.

Simultaneously, a stamped Bizarre mark continued to be used which credited Wilkinson's.

Elaborate printed backstamps were also used for the Artist in Industrypieces in 19.

The Biarritz backstamp is also sometimes found on Bon Jour shapes which were the tea, coffee and fancies part of the range.

Confusing Marks: although the factory tried to mark every piece, ware with a small base area was sometimes given no mark, or just part of a mark.

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