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And yeah, so I lived in Blackpool for a while and then I moved to Gloucester, which is like South West England, which is just at the bottom of Wales, because I went to school in Wales.So I was like “Oh shit, I wanna audition for this film, it sounds really cool," cause everyone just, there was just—I don’t know, you don’t often get a script, like hear about a project, where it’s like, “Oh, this band, they’re trying to make a film.There’s also graffiti that says “Ur gorgeous,” a call out to the song “Gorgeous” on her new album, which many believe is all about Alwyn.With Sheeran's sparkling review of Swift's BF and all of her not-so-subtle video and lyrical references about her guy, does this mean they'll make things more public or continue to stay out of the spotlight?For those who aren't already acquainted, Alexander is the frontman of British electro-pop band Years & Years, whose few songs are in a steady, constant rotation over at NYLON HQ.The thing is, right, stunt coordinators on movies are really intense and even for something that is as small as a slap, you need to have like two hours rehearsal for.

And she put on “Cuckoo” cause she really loves Belle and Sebastian and that was the first song of theirs I heard.

And loads of us were around and we were all being naughty and getting drunk.

And the reason we moved around a lot was because my dad works at theme parks and we’d move near whatever theme park he was working at.

“It’s important for people to see that you can be happy as a couple, and a young gay couple.“I think I would have loved to have seen one [growing up]," the violinist explained.

So, have you always been a massive fan of Belle and Sebastian?

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We caught up with Alexander and talked about his new role, underaged drinking, Years & Years, and how to get the girl.

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