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Well, that is a positive sign that the woman is attracted to you.If a girl is into you, she will be checking you out … Indeed, some studies have indicated that prolonged eye contact can trigger feelings of love between two people. We rarely make strong eye contact with people we do not like.Krista is a strong believer in the transformative power of love, and experienced firsthand the stuckness, discouragement, and hopelessness that can accompany dating as a plus-size woman.Through the Curvy Cupid Course, she teaches a step-by-step intentional approach to dating that encourages perseverance and nurtures confidence skills -- even within a deeply flawed system of fatphobia and poorly-designed dating apps. What are some strategies for coping when you are surrounded by people who are immersed in diet culture? How can you call out diet culture in those moments?

Another good sign that a woman is interested in you is the proximity.How can you respond to diet-y comments with a different perspective?How can you set boundaries around discussing triggering topics related to food, body, and movement?That doesn't mean, though, that you aren't true to yourself. Don't say you're looking for adventure and then neglect to mention your travels or exotic meals. It doesn't make you eclectic—it makes your brand muddy. Taking the time to craft and curate yours can give you a wonderful opportunity to think about where you are in your life, what you're looking for, what you genuinely have to offer, and who your target "audience" (i.e., the person you're trying to meet) really is.But it does mean that you need to begin by thinking about what is important to the type of person you want to meet that you can authentically deliver. It's based on the science behind what I call active empathy. Then ask yourself, which of those needs can you authentically fill? For brands, we make sure to lead with the three top qualities that will most authentically fill a need for the consumer. Then you can take the confidence that exercise gives you out into the real world, where—who knows—that person you have been looking for might just be waiting.

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Oftentimes in designing our dating profiles, we lead with things we want to show off about ourselves—our impressive vacation photos, a flattering bikini shot, some witty joke in our self-description.

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