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After a long winter that would’ve given even Elsa from Frozen a run for her money, summer is finally here.

And for some of us, that means it’s time to hunt down a minimally hideous one-piece swimsuit and get that sleeping bag out of the attic, because it’s time to head back to camp!

From a camper sleeping in a puke-crusted sleeping bag, a fact that was only revealed due to the smell, to the midnight shower pooper that preferred to relieve himself there because of the lack of toilet paper in the restroom (revenge is a dish best served in as a steaming pile of sh*t, I guess), these testimonies cover the gross gamut. The most disgusting story I stumbled upon was when a small child needed to use the restroom, went in, and returned with fecal matter on his chin.

This incident strangely stigmatized not the counselor, but the camper who was known for the rest of the summer as Aaron I’m-Not-A-Urinal (last name redacted for anonymity). I mean, you have a bunch of hormone-raging teenagers/young adults with no Internet, TV, or other entertainment making friendship bracelets (not a euphemism).Of course, that money is going straight into your pocket because room and board is covered (in most locations) and other than condoms, drugs, and alcohol, your expenses will be minimal.You might even be able save some money on soap and shampoo… You are in the untamed wild, so it’s only natural to negate some items of personal hygiene.This young lady’s takeaway from the “engagement” was that it was amazing, but also a leaf and twig-covered affair. In recent years, sleep-away camps have been havens for teenage heavy petting and hookups.Although it is technically against the rules, counselors will oftentimes look the other way because of the inevitability of teenage trysts.

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