Carbon dating of the turin shroud

In an attempt to prove that the Turin Shroud—a strip of linen that some people believe was used to wrap Jesus’s body after his crucifixion and carries the image of his face—is real, researchers have strapped human volunteers to a cross and drenched them in blood.Most mainstream scientists agree the shroud is a fake created in the 14 century.For centuries, Christians had believed the Shroud of Turin was used to wrap Jesus Christ’s deceased body in after he had died.Many even thought you could still see the imprint of his face.

Since then, he says the “establishment” has been keen to dismiss the Jesus theory, but little research has been done in trying to prove its authenticity.

But the abstract describes "an experimental protocol by which special wrist and foot attachment mechanisms safely and realistically suspend the male subjects on a full-size cross." The researchers used the image on the cloth to work out the mechanics of the crucifixion, such as where the nails were hammered in, according to the abstract.

They tried to re-create these features when they placed each volunteer on the cross.

There were amazing details on the body that looked like wounds of a crucifixion - but not as depicted in paintings, with nails going through the palm.“A French surgeon did some macabre experiments on cadavers in hospital.

He discovered that the palms of hands don’t carry the weight of the body.“The only place that would is the wrist, which is where the wound is on the body in the shroud.”Despite carbon dating essentially disproving the Shroud of Turin was Jesus’ burial cloth, Mr Rolfe believes the mystery is still open. I have hopes of making a new film which will bring it all up to date.”More recent research has also suggested the Turin Shroud was a fake.

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John Moores University, Liverpool, forensic expert Matteo Borrini and his team had been hoping to see if the blood stains were consistent with someone who had been executed on a T-shaped or Y-shaped cross.

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