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On the other end of the spectrum, Charlyne had me watch Far and Away because that was one of her favorite love stories and I had never seen it. MM: Was the blending of fiction and reality a difficult balancing act?

NJ: It was difficult because we wanted the fictional elements to feel as realistic as the documentary elements—or as close as possible—so we used a limited amount of setups and mostly natural lighting, mimicking the two-camera approach we had used on the doc portions.

Did making Paper Heart change your own perceptions of the concept???

In order to understand love, we realized she would need to actually experience it.The film is available on Blu-ray and DVD now, check out the trailer below!We’ve all seen the clichéd, superficial Hollywood movies that purport to know the meaning of “true love.” The new romantic comedy Paper Heart, however, offers a refreshingly unique take on the subject.Intertwining reality and storytelling (these two used to date!) Yi and Michael Cera go on a quest to understand what love really is, interviewing ministers, kids, and lovebirds all over the country.

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The movie follows comedienne/actress Charlyne Yi (of Knocked Up, who also co-wrote the script), as she makes a documentary about the concept of love by going on a cross-country journey across America, talking to an eclectic array of real-life people about the meaning of love.

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