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Emily feels distant from her parents and does not feel like she gets enough attention.Mo thinks he is a pedophile because he is attracted to his friend's prepubescent sister, Keisha (Rebecca Mc Lintock).When William gets it and comes back, Eva punches him and the rest of the crew comes, followed by the police.William tries to escape but is only able to climb up some crates.His plans are halted though when his computer and phone are taken away from him by his father, who when looking through William's computer, finds one of the suicide videos.William gets his backup computer and phone and goes after Jim, who meets up with him at London Zoo.They come up with ways in which Emily could be more violent and make it look like somebody is harassing her family, which makes her parents try to protect her more.

He hates both his parents, blaming them for his past, and lives his entire life on the internet.

William sees it to himself to help them in a crude manner.

He Photoshops embarrassing pictures of Eva's co-worker and posts them online.

Mo and the others find out about William's intended actions and go to stop him, meeting up in person and trying to follow William and Jim around London.

Jim makes it to the zoo first but decides to not do it.

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William Collins (Aaron Johnson) is a depressed teenager recovering from self-harm and regularly goes online to chatrooms.

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