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The other two contenders being considered for the Chateau are Arts Trust of Minnesota and Entourage Events Group.

The staff recommendation comes days ahead of a meeting in which members of the Rochester City Council are expected to vote on which direction to head in.

Highly recommend this place Hotel du Théâtre is located in the center of Tours, opposite the Tours Opera and an 8-minute walk to the railway station.Become an Insider member for FREE to take advantage of FREE Wi-Fi access in the lobby, or upgrade to get even more at the movies. All AMC Stubs members save big on tickets on Tuesday showtimes! It’s just a weekly reminder of the many perks of being a member. I thought the ambiance, location and concert were incredible.We were very sensitive to the location and the history of the Sainte-Chapelle but seeing a concert in it made it all more special.

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