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(Why this was the case, you can read below.) I asked the customer to describe the imaging process to me a little more detailed..The customer checks, if a computer object with the PC’s name already exists, before joining the PC into the domain.I have an internal NTP server in the LAN (so there's no need to configure any firewall for this matter) but my ESXi 4.1U1 servers are totally out of time (3 to 5 minutes).I've tried to restart the NTP client n times but the time is still not synch'ed.When you install Twitch, it will scan your addons and update them normally.Your WTF folder should be untouched, which is where all your settings are.I have the old curse client and it's showing DBM 7.3.7 as the most recent version when 7.3.12 has been uploaded to curseforge.I've tried refreshing the client and restarting it.

seems pretty stupid to have to download a streaming program in order to install addons when I've zero interest in streaming the client loads fine for me, reports no issues and when I check for updates it says there aren't any.

If that is the case, it is deleted and a new computer object is set up when joining the PC to the domain.

The new computer object however also has a new SID.

Just in case, you should copy your WTF folder somewhere else on your computer before installing Twitch.

yes, it will take over all your addons and settings.

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What you describe, is that the program works, but server refuse.. It happened one week after Twitch took over, on two machines.. When you install Twitch, it will scan your addons and update them normally.

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