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A 12 ounce of regular Coke can provide 140 grams of calories and contain 39 grams of sugar while there are no calories, carbohydrate or sugar in Diet Coke.

Diet soda is widely consumed in America because they believe that drinking diet soda can restrict the calorie intake and prevent weight gain.

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Many food sources in America like Big Macs and white bread give you extra calories and make you fat.

American people try Diet Coke to restrict their calories. However, according to research and studies, Diet Coke may contain a number of side effects that can harm your health and even your beauty.

Kids drink more Classical Coca-Cola or Diet Coke than they did in the past.We at Beercansplus now have many carpenters, plumbers, roofers, and demolition companies that have our phone number on speed dial when there is a find of beer cans or soda cans!Beercansplus has also bought some of the largest collections, containing some of the rarest cans known in the hobby.The technique of air-brushing a beer can is undetectable with out using a black light.It would surprise most how many cans have came through our hands that have had some kind of restoration done.

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