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Girls in Colombia can be amazing creatures, but they are not perfect. The girls in Colombia just ooze feminine energy in nearly everything they do.As a result of this fact – the women you’ll meet in Colombia will live for the moment.They rar ely think too far into the future and prefer to live in the moment.

I cannot refute this opinion, as it’s reasonably accurate.It may be fake, but I’ve encountered much more real ass in Colombia than fake ass.Medellin is a bit of a different ball game, but for the most part – Colombian girls are not that concerned with cash.Most men don’t agree with me, but I found girls in Colombia to have the best ass of any women I’ve seen (even better than Dominican booties).It’s common to see a rail-thin girl in Colombia with an ass that will drop your jaw.

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One night I had a date with a chick around six in the evening. I pitched heading back to my place for a dance lesson, and she finally bit after some convincing. She was with a few of her girlfriends and seemed really into me. The bouncy titties were about to be mine, but she claimed to be on her period and wouldn’t come back to my place.

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