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They ran out of manga to adapt and the choices were to either stop or go FMA 2003 and make up their own shit.

Which if nothing else, if they did the latter then it might've gotten some stuff that's interesting for the reason that it's different.

Even the Viz translator admitted she made a mistake calling Pitou a "he". How many fucking times has someone misinterpreted the tone shift as "deconstuctive shonen" bullshit? No, I just don't believe Pitou or any other ant have the same personality as their previous life especially since they weren't born with their memories at first, Gyro is probably the only one that has retained 100% of his personality since he was the only one born with his memories intact. Welfin, Meleoron, Koala and some ants retained all their personality and memories of their past lives. Shit was an absolute joke, they killed all world building and fluff just to skip to the epic parts. c_id=7146642&cs_id=7146642&expiration=1528929727&hwt=9b18f6e7931f2918da92d7e0075cd699You can skip to about in that interview when they get on the subject. Anyway this is the last time I will reply or talk to you ever again, pitounigger. GI and GI Final OVAs were TAILOR SUITED to adapt GI with as minimal cuts to lore as possible to faithfully re-enact the game and events.

We may be able to scrape more boards if funding and more efficient scrapers are provided for expansion.

Donations to our site would help in case of image storage failure.togashi just published his outline for the chapter instead of actually drawing it.

Trannies are delusional and projecting because they want to be the little girl. When anyone talks about how "great" his character is it's almost entirely within the scope of the chimera arc, despite '99 Gon being written better in every way. Goddamn as usual pitouniggers are fucking worthless...It was written in 1949 but I find it hard to believe that what she writes is true. Access to society journal content varies across our titles.Continue posting pics of Pitou like the assmad autist you are. It had a really good director behind it, that's all.It's a shame that the 99 anime just stopped and died there but what were they supposed to do?

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