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There are communications that, in no uncertain terms, spell out my desire to share oral delights with another man, and if it were traced back to me, I'd be absolutely defenseless to deny it.In my messages I describe how I'd love to get naked and get a nice warm cock in my mouth when mine is in yours.You make the first real move of the night slipping out of your boxers and I turn and do the same. I sit down on the edge of the sofa and you sit on the edge of the bed, facing me.Neither of us is paying particular attention to the other until the underwear meet up with their friends on the console and desk. As I look at your naked body I consider this a milestone and simultaneously consider leaving at this moment. " We both glance down and stare at the reason we are here. My balls are swinging over the edge of the bed as I continue to get harder and harder.I've never even seen or touched another man in a sexual way, and you haven't either, and this makes both of us very excited and open to sharing our secret desires, which we did quite freely while we clicked away on keyboard and camera. They were loving every minute of it and so was I, Brian! "Well, Samantha, you better take a look at the door." I can hardly believe it's happening.Our discussion concluded that we are fairly certain that some mutual masturbation and 69 is as far as either of us is willing to go, but secretly I know if the circumstances were right I'd be willing to go much further. I fear I'm being surveilled and that I'm becoming fodder for some cheesy reality show: "Welcome to Caught on Video! Tonight we follow two men who claim they are straight, but our hidden cameras tell a different story, don't they Samantha." "Brian, these two men look like your average businessmen heading to their hotel room to finish working on some spreadsheets. Nothing gets me hotter than watching two studs licking lollipops! As I get off the elevator I deliberately walk right past the room. "No way can I do this." But a few seconds later I hear a beep and a click and I look down to see my feet crossing the threshold of the door.We are here for sex, two straight men that met online and decided to get together for a foray into the forbidden. I can still back out, but I choose to continue with this crazy, mixed-up interlude.I look around the lobby at the girl behind the counter, the valet, and the restaurant staff. It is obvious that neither of us is in any way physically attracted to the other and this only adds to the growing anxiety.

A minute later we're both in our boxers, stopping just short of full disclosure. I can hardly believe the pocket of my pants. I hand the bottle to you and you do the same and in a few seconds we're pumping away, the slick, fleshy sounds filling the air.Depending on how comfortable it felt, if the timing were just right, yes, I could see myself going much, much further, deeper into this forbidden fantasy. It's one thing to write messages to someone and quite another to rent a hotel room for male on male sex. But what we found instead was both of them spreading their legs and filling their mouths on the sheets! The very corporate hotel room, naturally, is nothing special and looks exactly like ones I've visited hundreds of times on business.My hands were positively shaking as I handed the clerk my credit card. I fear that the very anonymity of it will burn an indelible image into my mind, that every time I travel in the future I'll think of long brown blinds in front of the floor to ceiling window by the door. "What if I actually suck this guy's cock and he comes on my face? No, it's a special knock, three times, one time, two times, a combination reminiscent of adolescent tree house security.I stand up and get the rubbers out of my pocket and hand one to you. Wow, rationalization works quickly and well in a pinch, I realize. I hand you a packet and I slip mine over my hard tool.You unroll the latex which barely covers your long dick.

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