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Herzog's (1980) term "Father hunger": the son's longing for and need of contact with a father figure.

For example, as their early intimacy deepened, Jung had written to Freud asking him to "let me enjoy your friendship not as that of equals but as that of father and son".

Use of the term father complex emerged from the fruitful collaboration of Freud and Jung during the first decade of the twentieth century—the time when Freud wrote of neurotics "that, as Jung has expressed it, they fall ill of the same complexes against which we normal people struggle as well".

In 1909, Freud made "The Father Complex and the Solution of the Rat Idea" the centrepiece of his study of the Rat Man; Freud saw a reactivation of childhood struggles against paternal authority as standing at the heart of the Rat Man's latter-day compulsions.

Bring your dancing shoes and enjoy music, food, and entertainment at The Skokie School during this magical evening.

Each father/daughter couple will have the opportunity to take a photo together, with one free print provided after the event by Classic Kids Photography Dress Code: There is no firm dress code for this event, but fathers and daughters generally dress in formal attire.

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The father complex also stood at the conceptual core of Totem and Taboo (1912-3).

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