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You can walk up to her to ask for directions but anything personal, and you most likely will get dismissed.

In case, you try to a direct approach, always have an exit strategy. First, approach her circle, make friends with them before hinting your interest at the woman you want. You don’t want to come off as a desperate stranger who infiltrated their circle just to get a girl.

A result of inter-racial relationships are children with a mix of features.

Among girls from Denmark, you can find Brunettes, even Redheads. Just say “Hi.” When you really want to have a conversation, then make a proper introduction.

Yes, Danish girls are blue-eyed blondes that are tall and sexy.

First-time visitors often drool about the number of beauty’s walking through the streets. If you love women who are “dynamites in the sack,” you will love Danish women.

Like other Scandinavian girls, you will find Danish women to have a good skin tone, fair hair, and light eyes.

However, that is not the only shade of beauty you will find in Denmark.

The Danes have a high value for friendship and family.

Men love women who can hold their own, and Danish women do that excellently. You don’t have to worry about taking on a financial burden with a relationship.

On the plus, Danish women are great gender equality activists.

Well, having kids that are beautiful will get you that as well.

Let’s be honest; beautiful children are a sight to behold. You are definitely going to find this trait in a Danish woman.

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