Date and dash speed dating reviews

I found this a little frustrating as I’m used to just swapping numbers with someone I like, it seems a lot more simple that way.

These were to be fed into the Date In A Dash system where we would be notified online about any possible matches.

While we were waiting I watched her flag down random women off of Jasper Ave trying to get them to sign up.

She did manage to grab 3 random girls, 2 of which were visibly drunk or stoned and I’m fairly certain all 3 were bribed into participating with free drink tokens.

Could you really get to know the other person while trying to work out the game in front of you?

This actually became more of a challenge than I thought or maybe it was my male inability to do two things at once.

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It was very unbalanced in terms of male/female ratio; 12 guys total showed up, with only 2 girls for them to speed date.

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