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She began to smother him and questioned his every move.After a while, he could no longer handle the jealousy and decided to call it quits. Let’s look at a list of Pinay traits that men should know about before diving into marrying a Filipina.I’ve had Filipino women tell me they love me our first night together, which is physically impossible (at least in my opinion).

This may not matter to some guys, but it certainly does in my case.

We struck up a conversation, and he told me that he had been living down in Bohol for some years now.

He married a Filipina and was as happy as a pig in you know what. He had married a Pinay in Makati and was already going through a complicated divorce.

If you have children with a Pinay in the Philippines, you may have roommates for decades afterward. He had to travel to America to make the divorce legit.

Everything was fine and dandy until shortly after he married his now ex-wife.

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lot of foreigners discover the problems with marrying a Filipina the hard way.

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