Dating a guy with money

Is she sensitive to my feelings and the feelings of others?

These are the questions that matter, not the question about whether he or she has money.

She knew that he was well-off financially so she took his offer for coffee and turned it into a steak lunch.

There’s no bigger turn off for me than someone looking for a free ride (pardon the pun).

If you get picked up in a fancy car and whisked away to a fancy restaurant, you’re probably going to enjoy that.

Wealthy men and women often fear that people want them for their money.Show your wealthy date that you value your profession and that you understand that your low pay is no reflection on your overall merit or worth as an individual. Is she already professionally established or does she have a plan about what she wants to do professionally?(Never forget that confidence is the world’s greatest turn-on.) Questions to ask yourself with someone rich, poor, or somewhere in between… Is he someone who would make a caring, attentive dad?Some professions are paid extremely well while other worthy and important professions – teachers, childcare workers, and others – are paid minimally.You should feel good about what you do or you need to create a plan to change jobs or fields if you don’t feel good about what you do.

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Remember that money is all about the surface, and it’s only after months of getting to know a person that you see their true personality and character.

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