Dating a physically disabled man

A New York disabled dating service manager explains, "Sexuality, travel, mobility, pain: Everything takes on a different dimension." In The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability, Miriam Kaufman points out that attempting to hide a disability or minimize its existence is ultimately an added burden, encouraging readers to "come out" to themselves as disabled, to accept their disability.

There is often fear associated with the intersection of sexuality and disability.

The review of history on sexuality in philosophy, religion, and science leads to the modern day views on sexuality and disability.

Issues on the acceptance of sexuality and disability root back to 2000 years.

Many disabled people embody a fear of being rejected due to the way they look.

This hypersensitivity causes the disabled individual to keep interactions platonic.

A personality inventory was conducted and the results came out to be positive.

The group of disabled adolescents viewed themselves very positively, rating their self-image higher than norm groups.

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