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The turned up adjusters supposedly started showing up in the 1950's.Blood & Gore shows a #60 with a turned up throat adjuster and they were supposedly discontinued in 1950.So, either your plane has mixed parts or the type studies may have some errors here and there.I know of a few, it would not surprise me to learn of more.

According to Patrick Leach, the adjuster was changed to a machine knurled one some time in the 1930s.

I've seen a few examples of this plane, and other similar model low angle block planes with the same adjustment mechanism, that have had their adjusting knob snapped off the threaded rod, only to be welded back together.

This problem can be found on the earlier model of the plane with the cast iron knob that has a coarse "knurling" cast around its edge (these knobs are threaded onto the adjusting screw and either have 6 holes drilled through them or "STANLEY" cast into them.

This is the first in a series of low angle (12 degrees) block planes that have the blade adjustment mechanism most of us know and love.

It consists of a knob fixed to a threaded rod, which engages a sliding seat that's either cast iron or folded steel.

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