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A lot of this has to do with the fact there’s often live music (usually flamenco, jazz, or folk), but it’s also because the space is dark and comfortable, and you can grab a little table and have a private conversation about your greatest fears or whatever you’re watching on Netflix at the moment. If you planned a last-minute date and you want a place where you’ll be surrounded by a small crowd of attractive people while you drink, go to Loosie Rouge.

It’s a little low-ceilinged space that feels a bit like a hideout full of people looking for the Williamsburg version of a scene. There are couches and cocktails, but it’s about as casual as a dive bar, and the little space is dark and intimate.

Maison Premiere is another one of our go-to bars in the neighborhood, and, like Hotel Delmano, it feels older than it actually is.

This classic cocktail place is a little larger than Delmano, and there’s a seafood-heavy dinner menu with an extensive list of oysters.

Bring a date who will be impressed that you know of such an under-the-radar place, claim a little round table, and maybe eat a burger.

When you decide that you really like someone, but you aren’t quite ready to go to a place where there are white tablecloths and waiters who have really good diction, go to Marlow & Sons.

It’s where you’ll find some of the best cocktails in Williamsburg.

Plus, the space looks like a secret room you’d find in a mansion behind a revolving fireplace.

Take advantage of the fact that not everyone (or even close to everyone) knows about it yet.

It’s a little cocktail bar that feels like something you’d find on the ground floor of an old, possibly-haunted hotel, and you always get the impression that the servers and bartenders here only sort of care about you.

In other words, it’s everything you want Williamsburg to be.

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