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When you are ready There is no deadline for saying, “I love you.” My husband told me after a few weeks but it took me longer to be certain.

The worst thing is to feel pressured to say “I love you” or to feel you need to say “I love you too” when someone has declared their love. So, find other ways to express interest without committing to saying three words that you are not yet certain of.

Don’t cheapen the experience by saying it at the wrong moment. ) as long as you won’t have to take back the words later!

If you have spent enough time with your partner to see them as a “whole” person warts and all, and you still wouldn’t change a thing, that’s love!

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the fun guys, because they are pretty obvious from the very beginning.

The guys who are afraid of commitment are pretty easy to spot: they usually don’t own anything that doesn’t have wheels on it.

I’m pretty sure he’s feeling it and I know for sure that I love this guy, but I don’t want to mess things up like last time by saying it too early to a guy who’s commitment-phobic. Everything fell perfectly in to place and then I ruined it by saying I love you and he bailed before I could finish the sentence.

I don’t think this guy is afraid of commitment, but the last guy I dated was great. I don’t want to wreck another great thing by being too forward. ”Notice I said, “For most guys.” It sounds like the previous guy was the cat’s meow until you made things all serious on him.

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When you are thinking clearly Saying “I love you” is serious business.

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