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If I tell that the word date comes from the word mate, many would not agree, but to say publically that you are mating with someone is embarrassing; this is how the word dating came into existence.

It must have come into existence around the same time as automobile was invented.

Courtship takes place in the presence of family members and no more than holding of hands is allowed.Moe Odele urged women who are fond of waiting to meet the perfect person before they have fun not to sacrifice their happiness on the altar of being too careful. She said, I think dating multiple people at once is very good advice.PS: dating is different from being in a committed relationship. For instance, I had plans for labour day weekend, date 1 cancelled because of work but I didn’t even care too much because I had date 2, 3 and 4 on the waiting list.In fact, if there’s someone I like, I move to them & explore. And yes you will make mistakes but you will also make awesome memories. It’s bad behavior to not be committed and give people the impression that you are.Stop sacrificing your happiness at the altar of being too careful.

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This article is meant to highlight the features of both to enable readers to know their differences. Dating is a rather modern term and refers to the process whereby man and woman come closer to each other with the intention of knowing each other in a better manner.

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