Dating and marriage in mongolia

At the age of eighteen, her hard work finally paid off - she won a well-known Soros scholarship to study English at the University of Montana in America.Gandii focused on seminars on political science and gender studies (gender differences).

She worked as a project manager on a project for Mongolian youth that included fifteen aimaks and 15,000 young people.Nomine is the thirty-fifth woman interviewed by our team during a five-week trip to the Gobi desert.The trip was undertaken to study how Mongolian women and girls use digital technology.It goes beyond the language barrier, by formulating our questions individually for each interviewee. I think she is particularly aware of the way of life of the many women and girls we meet, because she too grew up in a small village three hundred kilometres from Ulaanbaatar, where she dreamed of a brighter, brighter future.Under the careful guidance of her father, she worked hard, excelling the other students, especially in the English class.

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"In Mongolia, women are the main producers of material goods and food providers, especially among the rural population.

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