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The first hobbleskirts where patened Nov 16, 1915 and came in a variety of colors: clear, aqua, ice blue, and green.To see a rare 1915 that is blue on top and green on the bottom, click here. Dec 25 1923 patent and later) all have a green tint color.(11th Edition) lists a 1916 embossed contour bottle that sells for just to .To a novice collector, it's almost a case of reverse sticker shock. Because the embossed contour bottles were mass produced, exceptionally durable and available for more than 40 years, they generally have modest values as collectibles.You can find an enormous variation in the sizes, colors and markings of bottles.The straight-sided bottles can vary in value from up to around 0, depending on the condition and the uniqueness.

There are some naturally occuring bottles with a light amethyst/purple tint - leaving them out in prolonged sunlight will darken the tint (but they will never become a dark purple). Amber-colored bottles, sold widely in the South and Midwest, tend to be more valuable than the clear or light green or flint straight-sided bottles that were more common in other parts of the country.Flavor Bottles Before The Company created a line of flavored drinks, most of the bottlers created their own brands, with orange, root beer, strawberry, grape and fruit-flavored drinks.One exception are those produced during 1942-45; these were blue due to the copper shortage for WWII (copper gives the green color).There are also some amber colored hobble-skirt bottles.

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I probably receive more questions about bottles than any other single item, simply because they are what most people find.

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