Dating below your social class

I grew up watching Rugrats, and Legends of the Hidden Temple, playing the Playstation 1, and she grew up eating the santan nectar, climbing up trees, swimming on beaches, etc. And it's sad Kasi I also lost friends during the process. Spaghetti na gawa ng mama nya Papa ketchup at tig-12 pesos na corned beef sa tindahan yung gamit. My ex wasn't accustomed to the city life even though the city's urban (can be considered as rural tbh, the people still act like it's rural).We have dates in parks, malls, or anywhere we're not required to spend money since she couldn't afford cafes because her allowance's just 20 pesos a day (she walks from home to school, back and forth).Basically if we didn't understand anything sa buhay ng isa we would learn it.After the breakup, I felt robbed of my identity kasi that was a part of me that I gave her :(We have common friends so that's great but I always find her talking and spending too much time with our friends pag kasama namin sila kasi mas nakakarelate sya sa kanila kesa sakin because "I'm rich" daw and didn't have a great childhood unlike them. I tend to put aside my identity to jive with my partners before.

Her siblings have odd jobs, and don't know how to manage money so ang ending palaging kay SO humihiram.

I’m not going to lie and say that money isn’t a factor in your happiness as a couple. Well, unless you two intend to start a family and raise a child or two or more, but that’s a different story. I also want to avoid any cliches in claiming that love triumphs all.

There’s many considerations in entering and maintaining a relationship with someone, but no one should ever feel like the basis of the other person’s feelings towards them are related to money.

Yes, it’ll involve money, but it should never impinge on your dignity and integrity as a human being.

If at any time, you feel that, you need to start to ask yourself if you’re with the right person.

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I feel like social lines are a little bit more clearly defined in the Philippines (whereas its a little more salient and subtle in other places). S.: I'm sorry if this offends anyone or comes across as shallow in any way. My SOs family was rich daw, however, thanks to the 2008 financial crisis sa states, bumagsak yung business ng pamilya nya and naubos lahat ng properties nila para pambayad utang. Yung mga bahay sa paligid is hindi naman Barong-barong pero yung mga ugali, pang jeje.

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