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Worldly, cultured, generous, experienced, adaptable, educated, family oriented, loyal, respectful, respectable, curious, compassionate, I am a quiet, honest and loyal man.

We all know Tinder is mostly dead for regular guys in the U. I was blown away by both the quality and quantity of Brazilian girls I matched with because it simply just doesn’t happen in the American Tinder world. It was also a huge relief to see that sugar dating has not penetrated South America the way it has the United States. Of A., that line is becoming blurred by Seeking Arrangement (a sugar dating site that has only a small amount of users in Brazil, comparatively)On Tinder, I’d ask Brazilian girls something like, They’d answer and then ask me the same question and I’d tell them “Brazil! This interview about dating in Brazil is with old friend “BRob”, who blogs at The City Bachelor.He’s also the author of the recently released book Salty, which is absolutely worth a read.I turned 29 last month and had never been out of the country, with the exception of Americanized tourist traps from a Caribbean cruise I went on in college.So I was itching to see what else was out there beyond the American bubble. warmer than it is in America where family and relationships are de-prioritized in place of career and consumerism.

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