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Large expanses of freshwater and peat swamps are found in the poorly drained lowlands of the Belait and Tutong rivers, while mangrove swamps are common along the lower riverine reaches and sheltered coastal areas.

Temperatures in Brunei are warm throughout the year, typically dropping into the mid-70s F (about 23 °C) and rising to about 90 °F (32 °C) on a daily basis.Looking for someone who shares similar interests good food, getting out and about, a good walk followed by a pub...Back in May I started chatting to a lovely man who lived in the Manchester area.The forested uplands of Brunei’s interior are sparsely populated by indigenous peoples, who practice shifting agriculture.In the country’s western segment, the Iban and the Belait generally inhabit the westernmost region near the border with Sarawak, while the Kedayan are concentrated in the central and eastern areas, and the Kadazan live primarily in the rural parts of the east-central region.

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