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It now seems unlikely that Santiago de Murcia actually travelled to Mexico himself.

In 1714 Murcia dedicated a guitar treatise to Jácome Francisco Andriani, a special envoy to the Catholic cantons of the Netherlands for the King of Spain.Accused unjustly of the death of his wife, Luis (Federico Amador) escapes from Patagonia by taking his baby. However, luck is not presented to them in the same way and they will soon succumb to mutual betrayals.En el año 2012 en esta página conocí a mi esposo, padre de mi bebe, actualmente tenemos 5 años de casados, fue maravilloso encontrar a alguien como me lo imaginaba, Dios lo diseño para mí para toda la vida.On 18 September 2006, it was reported in the newspaper El Mercurio that the manuscript of music by Santiago de Murcia Cifras selectas de guitarra dating from 1722 had been discovered in Chile.The discovery was made by the musicologist Alejandro Vera from the Music Institute at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

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