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Whether you're looking for that rare piece or simply love to mix & match Fiesta's bright colors, browse our vast selection of vintage and newer modern Fiesta colors to add iconic design and joyful color to every setting and space.

The following originally appeared on pages 10-13 of An Overview of Homer Laughlin Dinnerware ©2002, and is being posted on permission along with corrections and updates.

Shown to the right is an early Laughlin Brothers mark on a Cable shape sauceboat.

It is the only decade that uses numbers for the months and single numbers for the years.

The Genesee shape is the only HLC shape produced entirely within the 1911-1919 time frame, so if a piece of Genesee has a date code, it will be in the format shown below.

Towards the end of 1932, HLC started using two digits for the year. Many lines made during this time also included the shape name.

Unfortunately, there were many lines from the 30s to the 60s that were marked, but lacked any type of date code.

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