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You gain a better understanding of the person you’ve met and the time spent together is usually compelling. While it’s definitely more comfortable to keep your inner thoughts to yourself and stay reserved, taking the risk to open yourself up to someone has benefits, and these benefits outweigh the risk.

I would say no, but I’ve only really dated three French guys who all share similar qualities and characteristics.

I even momentarily thought it was weird and wondered if maybe he was obsessively neat.

(I have later found this to not be true when I saw his room.) France has truly kept up the tradition of chivalry.

I accidentally dropped one of my sweaters on the floor, and being the “casual American,” expected to leave it there until later.

Those I’ve had the pleasure of meeting seemed less guarded than Americans.

Of course, everyone has a fear of rejection or hurt, but it doesn’t seem to be a factor that hinders a French man from taking the relationship to the next level.

Manners are a core part of French culture and this carries over into dating.

Generally, French citizens pride themselves on their hospitality and politeness.

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