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I just stay by her side and make sure she has my support through her ups and downs, her mistakes, her losses and her wins.Sometimes I do feel the urge to stop her from making the same mistakes I have made in my past to avoid getting hurt.I will talk about the importance of friendship, how it has helped me in life, and my long quest for a lasting love that would later on become my husband. I’m not talking about childhood friends, classmates or the casual friends you have at your workplace.But for now, I want to tell you the story about a special friend of mine. I am talking about friends that become your family, that help build your dreams, and pick you back up again and again wherever you end up in life.But thankfully, my friendship with Na persevered and only became stronger through our work.

It means you are there for each other when the other person makes mistakes, falls down, and make sure you help them get back up again and learn from their own lessons.She is till this day still my right hand woman and I don’t know what I would do without her throughout my entire entrepreneural journey. She even helped me babysit my baby when he was barely a few weeks old, despite never holding a baby before.Many people around me wonder why we are so close, given our age gap and stark differences in both personality and style. Not once did she leave my side, except for the time she left for studies in Australia a few years ago.I almost thought our journey together would separate from there.But she came back and was in no time back to my side both as a friend and a co-worker.

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