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was even more famous for the insensitive remarks made by one of the mothers, Khalood Bojanowsk, a 50 year old Iraqi-Catholic woman who, in the premiere, stated that she can't have her son dating "a black one; I can't have an Asian one; I can't have a fat-butt girl." She also stated, "Nooo! The show wasn't specifically about dating, but that didn't mean that kisses weren't exchanged!The geeks ended up with makeovers by the season's end, and the beauties were usually able to gather some further intellect from their geek counterparts, so we guess that counts for something!After this information came to light, VH1 cancelled the rest of -style.However, the twist is that some of the men are actually gay pretending to be straight, and the others are actually straight.Leaving Toga smirking, the League leaving to their own rooms and Sensei and Kurogiri recovering from shock."Sensei, you don't think...she's seeing someone do you?

Of course, the male star was not notified of this twist until the end of the series.

For those thinking that this show is as problematic as it sounds, we suppose that audiences agreed, since the show never returned to Bravo for a 2nd season. Did we mention that Ryan Seacrest produced this show?!

This trainwreck of a show only lasted 1 season, and for good reason, while 32 women for vying for the affections of 3 men, the men's mothers were also living in the house with the female contestants and had a say in who was eliminated, effectively choosing who their son should date. pits teams of super attractive women against nerdy men, creating the ultimate "social experiment," to find out if the two can learn from one another, and also make money in the process.

Izuku is such a pure hearted child, now tossed and turned into a series of love lifes and drabbles. "Kurogiri, I'm going out tonight." Tama said as Kurogiri looked up from the bar and noticed her new look. " Toga teased as she glomped her and poked her cheek, now dusted with pink.

Izuku you lady killer you~ Requests Accepted Shgaraki Tama, was considered many things along her fellow villains in the League of Villains. Sensei and Kurogiri yelled in surprise and protective anger as Sensei almost broke the edge of the bar and Kurogiri breaking a glass in his hands. I was just gonna head to the arcade for a while, beat some plebs and see their faces when a girl pwnds them." She said as her cheeks were reddened with embaressment.

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She wore a zip up black hoodie, a white dress top and skirt with black boots. " She asked as the other members of the League and even Sensei came in.

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