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Germany has yet to do so, despite finalising legislation for that purpose in 2017.

The German ratification process has been held up by a legal challenge before the country's Constitutional Court.

In some Hungarian cities, Jews were compelled to live outdoors, without shelter or sanitary facilities.This is seen to delay Hungary’s participation without being or becoming a real deal breaker." "On the contrary, the German constitutional complaint deals with various issues, some of which are easier to overcome than others, for example that a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament is obtained for ratification of the UPC Agreement in Germany," he said."Attorney Ingve Stjerna, the man behind the constitutional complaint in Germany, claims that ratifying the UPC Agreement brings about an illegitimate transfer of sovereign rights from Germany to the EU and that UPC judges are not independent, among other things.At least 13 EU countries, including the three with the most European patents in effect in 2012 – Germany, France and the UK, must pass national legislation to ratify the UPC Agreement that the countries behind the new system finalised in 2013.While 16 EU countries, including the UK and France, have ratified the UPC Agreement to-date.

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