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But I could tell that he was worried about telling me, and he later admitted that he had dug himself into a hole about it.

Here are the pros and cons of Facebook versus the pros and cons of Myspace. They allow for videos, music, games and pictures galore.•Myspace is one of the most widely used online communities.

There was never anything there romantically, but they often went to gigs together and he would show me the photos afterward.

It is user friendly, open for changes and also allows for great creativity.•Myspace has great entertainment options.The most you can do is move a few boxes around.•Facebook is newer and does not have as much technology backing the interface yet.Therefore there is not much that has changed since it first came out for Harvard students.Introduction My Space Angles Policing My Space Angles Themes in user responses to My Space Angles Current theories of deception and authenticity online Reconsidering deception and authenticity online Conclusion and develop into face–to–face (Ft F) relationships (Parks and Floyd, 1996; Rheingold, 2000; Bruckman, 1993), the line between cyberspace and physical space is increasingly blurred with the emergence of social network sites (SNSs).SNSs, Web sites that support both the maintenance of existing social ties and the development of new social ties (boyd and Ellison, 2007), enable users to create profiles which, in theory, accurately portray the user’s off–line self, thus facilitating mixed–mode relationships that are maintained through multiple communication channels (, both online and Ft F).

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