Dating high school sweetheart in college

And yes, you deemed "Butterfly" by Crazytown "your song," ~*~s Ea Led w It H a Ki Ss An D a Th An K y Ou, Mis S~*~. You appreciate how special your relationship is after being away from each other in college.You passed the apparent "test" that is college because you didn't listen to everyone when they said it was stupid to date through college.Bonus: You are always down to try new things with each other and it's not scary because there was a time where everything, even "first base," was new. You finally get to do all the things you said you would do when you were older.Those plans you made when you were 15 about living together and eating ice cream after every meal, or going to Amsterdam just to get stoned, can now totally come true.You share the good and bad memories together, and it creates an insane bond between you two. Since you both didn't know what you were doing the first time, there was no need to be shy and you were comfortable being confused as hell together.Now though, he doesn't have to think twice about what he's doing to make you feel good.That isn’t to say we never hang out with each other’s friend or do the same things, but his world is not my world.I support him in everything he does and he does an amazing job of supporting me in all of my crazy endeavors. There are aspects to our relationship that we have to constantly and actively work on. I know that we both had struggles growing up that we have yet to fully deal with.

Maybe this stems from the fact that we are both only children, but James and I are both very comfortable spending time alone.It was worth the distance, and you're a much stronger couple for it. Unlike every other person, you don't actually hate your prom pictures.You don't have to cross an X out on your date's face, and those pictures are actually still hanging up around the house. He and he knows how to create the perfect butter to salt ratio for popcorn before you settle into your Netflix Cuddle Position for the night.It was originally Blockbuster Rental Cuddle Position, but you've grown together.And yes, you have a distinguished cuddle position for watching Netflix because bedtime cuddling and Netflix cuddling are very different though equally important. Your parents are extremely close and it's totally normal to receive a selfie of them out to dinner with each other.

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