Dating in middle eastern culture

Depending on what country they are from, many Middle Eastern men may not have spent that much time around females that were not relatives or accompanied by a chaperone.This can lead to a lot of misunderstandings of what you might mean when you spend time with them.

While I don’t imagine that you share intimate details about your relationship with the world, keep in mind that things that are no big deal to you, may be more personal to them.

Just going out in public with my Saudi Arabian friends, I often got nervous or disapproving looks.

When I mentioned I was seeing a guy from the Middle East the most common response I got was “be careful.” This always just confused me. Usually the implication was that he was going to take me to his country and never let me go. While it made me laugh it also made me very upset to see how fundamentally misunderstood their culture is and how unwilling people are to give them a chance.

Sharing a picture of you kissing on the Internet is probably a big no-no unless you have discussed it with him first.

While he may be okay with your relationship that doesn’t mean all of his family will be as thrilled to see it plastered all over Facebook; it may have negative repercussions for his family life.

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Dating a guy from the Middle East can be an extremely interesting, fun and rewarding experience, as it was in my case. Their expectations may not be the same of yours and it’s important to find out early on so as to avoid running into heartbreak down the road.

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