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The address of ICVB: June-July: The International Arts and Culture Festival April: The International Film Festival Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya (St.

All this, plus wonderful weather, and at a much lower cost than at alternative destinations.(See ICEC web site at The IICC is ideally, located in the modern district of Harbiye, at the centre of the city's business, cultural and commercial life; surrounded by some of Europe's top quality hotels. Their professionalism and openness to new trends in tourism has spurred the growth of a world-class tourism industry in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey.Some of these agencies are the members of ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), constituting ICCA-Turkey chapter.It was a display of the Turkish culture dating back 8000 yearss!! ( you know what they say about people from the black sea ....) . ..will be talking about this at dinner parties for the rest of our lives.absolutely made our evening and it was a grand way to end the vacation!!!

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Istanbul is among the world's greatest tourism destinations, with an unrivalled setting and a wealth of architectural treasures.

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