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I got a girl in just 3 days I have used his method and I am stun ..

If you are tired off all the tips and trick that don't work.

Once you find a mutual topic the conversation will flow automatically.

Whatever you do don't fall into the trap of drinking too much for 'Dutch Courage,' as this can quickly change you into 'Super Lush' and become easy prey.

If you are easy prey for him he will think you are easy for anyone.

Agreeing with everything a guy says just to get that second date won't work.

You have to be honest about your likes and dislikes, turning yourself into something you are not will only last a short while.

Remember every guy is different and you should treat them that way. Guys want to have fun on their first date not a psychology course.

Meeting anyone for the first time can be nerve wrecking for both sides. Nerves can sometimes cause you to talk a lot; just remember you have two ears so use them to listen by using open ended questions.

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