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Before saying something you may regret, remember why they’re acting like this and take it easy.

Don’t force anything, kids are highly emotionally and know when you’re being insincere.

You would be with a man who neglects his own children? Any jealous behavior is going to have to be dropped because this is just the situation at hand and it’s not going to change. *Go back to rule #2* [Read: How to manage your expectations in a relationship] #4 Get to know his ex.

Since his ex is in his life, she’ll want to get to know you as well since you’re spending time with her child.

If completing “firsts” together is of great importance for you, reconsider what you want. Since these kids aren’t yours, you’ll have to understand you have limits and boundaries that you can’t cross.

If you’re angry at the kid and swear at him, well, that’s not appropriate.

Not saying he won’t be excited if he was to marry you or have a child with you.

So, get over your jealous emotions and get involved in your share of the team work. If he wants to introduce you to his kids after the second date, say no.I don’t want to call children baggage, but let’s face it, you’re not looking at him telling you he has a kid with pleasant surprise.You may be freaking out right now, but before you start hyperventilating, just chill out.It’s an adjustment for not only you, but them as well.They may be temperamental and opinionated around you because they’re hurt.

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